S T A F F   M E M B E R S 


BHTOTA, led by Rabbi David Baron, has assembled an all-star team to manage all of our members' needs. Whether you are seeking help with naming your newborn baby, preparing a bar/bat mitzvah, planning a wedding, exploring a conversion, or looking to attend High Holy Day and monthly Shabbat services, our dedicated staff would be happy to help. Don't hesitate to call our office: 323.658.9100. 

B O A R D   M E M B E R S


Since 1993, BHTOTA has built an outstanding core group of board members. Our board members consist of some of the most distinguished individuals not only in the Jewish community, but also leaders in each of their respective industries. BHTOTA would like to give a special thanks to our president, James Blatt for ensuring the continued growth and support of our mission.