Ways To Give

Your Donations Fulfill Many Needs

In these times of financial challenges, your donation to Temple of the Arts is a sacrifice that is not only appreciated by your Temple and the congregation, it is appreciated by those who benefit from the fruits of all of our labors and charity. We don't ask strangers to donate. We ask our friends. People give the most where they are the most involved. Your involvement with the Temple of the Arts, and the community that we serve, is in itself a donation.

Donors are shareholders in the causes and programs that benefit from your giving. Donating makes you part of a dynamic team that works together for a common interest. Our vision is your vision. With the resources that you donate, we turn that into a mitzvah. If you are unable to give now, don't beat yourself up. If we don't get you in the wash, we'll get you in the rinse!

If that's not a compelling enough reason for you to give, consider the following:
Tzedakah, or 'acts of charity' are a part of our Jewish culture and heritage, and is an obligation.

  • Jews are among the most generous donors to charities.
  • The obligarion to perform Tzedakah can be fulfilled by giving money to your Temple.
  • The Temple enables several ways for you to donate.
  • Your donation enables Temple of the Arts to survive, and hopefully flourish as we extend our outreach to those in need.
Make a Donation Now


For more information about Planned Giving, Endowments and Family Legacy Naming and Dedication opportunities, please contact Kasey Carter at 323.658.9100 or kcarter@templeofthearts.org.