Religion through the Arts

BHTOTA is not a mainstream Jewish movement; rather, BHTOTA is in the business of spirituality.The temple fuses religion with the arts, creating a truly unique and unforgettable experience for temple members.

At BHTOTA, we reach out to people of all backgrounds to share values that transcend religious and cultural boundaries. The African American community, for example, participates in the magical performances produced by Rabbi David Baron.

Premier Beverly Hills Synagogue

Temple of the Arts offers a special approach to religion through the universal language of music, dance and film. Here are some of the few items that differentiate BHTOTA from other synagogues:

Cantors who sing during services are Broadway stars

The Choir is LA Opera and LA Master Chorale

Prayer Books are all original works of art

Guest speakers are drawn from a pool of Hollywood celebrities involved with the temple

Premier Distinguished Speaker Series Coming in October

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak , former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, award winning portrait photographer Platon, Martha Stewart and the controversial theoretical physicist, futurist, and ‘water-listener’ Michio Kaku will all be taking the stage at the iconic Saban Theatre for the Beverly Hills Performing Arts Center’s inaugural Distinguished Speaker Series of Southern California.

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Judaism through music, dramatic readings, film,
provacative discussions, and inspiring guest speakers

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Prayer books are made with original works of art

BHTOTA is known as the premier Los Angeles area synagogue that is deeply rooted in the movie business

Our services are produced by award winning producers and Rabbi Baron

Network in the community by coming to events such as Shabbat Services

Unrivaled Jewish education. Whether you are studying for your bar mitzvah or converting to Judaism, we have programs for you

Guest speakers drawn from a pool of Hollywood taent involved with the Temple

Members receive first notice and discounts on all Saban Theatre concert and events

Members receive discounts on renting the venue for private parties and events such as weddings

Holy Day Services